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Title: 93:33, Deurne-Noord.
Author: Lars Crommelinck
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Category: Sports
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Description: This photo commemorates the historic championship of Royal Antwerp F.C., ending a 66-year-long wait. The unique photo, titled "93:33, Deurne-Noord," serves as a precious reminder of a pivotal moment in Belgian football history. Capturing the instance when Toby Alderweireld made history for both Antwerp and Belgium, "93:33, Deurne-Noord" depicts the joy that erupted among fans at the Bosuil Stadium when Royal Antwerp FC reclaimed the national championship after 66 years. This image perfectly encapsulates the emotions, exuberance, and unbridled passion that define the Antwerp club and its supporters. What makes this photo remarkable is that nobody in the picture itself captured this moment. There is not a single mobile phone to be seen in the photo. Originally, I had no intention of selling the image, but I decided to do so due to high demand. Two weeks after the championship, +- 200 fans still purchased this iconic image framed in a beautiful black aluminum frame.