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Title: The Photographer
Author: Carine Van Gerven
Rating:   (7.2/10) - 5x rated

Category: Illustration / Digital Art
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Description: An image that tells the universal story of a photographer. The photographer in the picture has been running her own photo shop for 40 years. She got the genes from her father who also ran his own business for many years. The image depicts photography as a time machine. The many watches and clocks show a different time each time. They symbolise the many moments captured. Father and mother, immortalised on the wall, look approvingly at the scene. The faithful husband dragging along the photographic material, a chest that has lasted for generations. The young generation has also been bitten by the image, albeit with the new media: a smartphone selfie, the new snapshot of the times. The swan, an animal that remains faithful to its partner in nature, refers to the love between man and woman.