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Title: Sunrise at the Kalmthout Heath
Author: Hanneke Van Camp
Rating:   (7.6/10) - 5x rated

Category: Nature Landscape
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Description: The clouds, the colours, mist or no mist, ... Even from the same location, sunrise can look entirely different every day. Grateful to have experienced this one from one of my favorite vantage points; the new fire lookout tower at the Kalmthout Heath. While Belgium has beautiful cities where it's nice to enjoy the buzz, it's less easy to find space for your thoughts. Here it felt like we had the whole nature reserve to ourselves, accompanied only by some cheerfully chirping birds. Looking out over the landscape around us, we felt joy and happiness - somehow it's even more special experiencing magical moments close to home. It was one of my favorite playgrounds as a kid, and today it still feels great to have what feels like an African savannah within reach. And it's not just sand and heath you can find here! I'm always amazed by its diversity. Looking forward to seeing this become a National Park.