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Title: Octopussy
Author: Vandecasteele Pascal
Rating:   (8/10) - 5x rated

Category: Commercial
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Description: Vertorama Panoramic photography is an established photographic discipline: you take a series of photos while holding your camera in a horizontal direction between each pair of shots so that adjacent photos overlap enough. Such a series of photos can then be combined into one image with a much wider viewing angle, a process called stitching. Vertorama of Saint John's Cathedral,Approx 355 Photo's stitched together . Saint John'sCathedral Basilica of Saint John Evangelist The North Side City 's-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands The Sint-Jan stands on the corner of the Parade and the Torenstraat, where the main entrance is located, and impresses with its size and wealth of sculpture. Originally built as a parish church, St. John's was elevated to a collegiate church in 1366 and a cathedral of the new diocese of 's-Hertogenbosch in 1559. On June 22, 1929, St. John was granted the honorary title of basilica. The building has the shape of a cruciform church, more specifically a cruciform basilica. In the St. John's there is, among other things, a richly decorated, 350 kilo copper baptismal font from 1492, a three-part altarpiece from the early sixteenth century with wood-carved scenes from the Passion of Christ, which is closed with six panels painted on both sides. can be, a mid-century pulpit with carved scenes. The almost twenty meters high organ case dates from the early seventeenth century and is regarded as 'a work of art of royal allure, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful organ fronts in the world.'[3] The Renaissance organ itself, while retaining much parts, converted in 1784 into a fully-fledged eighteenth-century instrument. The church belongs to the Top 100 of the National Service for the Preservation of Monuments and is regarded as a so-called 'champion monument', a qualification that has been used by the national government since 2000 for the distribution of financial resources earmarked for restorations.