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Title: Wiry (work from the series Fading Memories in white)
Author: Karel Mus
Rating:   (8.33/10) - 3x rated

Category: Commercial
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Description: I like to call myself an artist and nature photographer. But, I try to move away from the traditional nature photography, like the registration of a landscape or like showing picture-filling animals. The balance between “Showing as less as possible” to “tell as much as possible”. “The less to See”, “The more to Imagine”. The more to remember … The works from the series are made at places I used to come or still come a lot. I didn’t want to show to much details of these place, because this would put the focus on those details and would block the memories and block the imagination of the viewer. It’s totally not important that the place where the works are made is recognizable. Let imagination do the work.